Uras Feeders
Uras Feeders
  • Equipped with Uras vibrators, these feeders are compact and light.
  • The forced-feeding construction increases resistance against material sticking and load fluctuations, and improves reliability.
  • A diverse range of models to suit the material to be conveyed, the ambient conditions, the operating conditions, installation conditions and so on.
  • Rotating parts are fitted with covers to reduce noise.
  • Large processing volumes of 5000 t/h are also possible.
  • Inverter control allows traffic volume to be adjusted across a wide range.
  • For Logging
    Can control the amount of various powders and lumps poured from hoppers and can be used as gates instead of hoppers.
  • For Feeding
    Variable types are frequently used for feeding raw materials to milling machines, screening machines and so on.
  • For Conveying
    Used for conveyance over short distances or to join one conveyor with another.