Electromagnetic Feeders
Electromagnetic Feeders
Catalogs and CAD data can be downloaded from the distributor Uras Techno Co., Ltd.
  • With an electromagnet drive source, which enables easy stopping/starting and a reduced coasting distance when stopping, these products are suited to weighing equipment.
  • The controller for the electromagnetic feeder can be used for two-speed control (high or low speed), shortening the time when feeding material to weighing equipment.
  • The standard controller by Murakami Seiki adopts an inverter system, so there is no need to distinguish between power supply frequencies (50 Hz, 60 Hz).
  • At 25-30 Hz, the vibration frequency of the MFW model is half the power supply frequency, thereby reducing unpleasant noises caused by vibration. The medium and larger models generate a noise level that is 10 to 15 dB (A) lower than a standard electromagnetic feeder.
  • The electromagnetic feeders use a coil spring as the resonance spring. Since it is preloaded at installation, there is no need to increase its tightness after operation.
  • The drive unit (drive source) has a fully-enclosed construction (equivalent to IP-44), so it can be used even in environments with a lot of powder dust.
Model Standard Series Vibration Frequency Controller Model Power Supply
MFW MFW-36-90L to MFW-138-150L
8 models
25 to 30 Hz V7D 200/400 V, 50/60 Hz, Three-phase
MFS MFS-31-75L to MFS-61-100L
5 models
50 to 60 Hz V7S 200/400 V, 50/60 Hz, Three-phase