Compact Electromagnetic Feeders
Compact Electromagnetic Feeders
Catalogs and CAD data can be downloaded from the distributor Uras Techno Co., Ltd.
  • With an electromagnet drive source, which enables easy stopping/starting and a reduced coasting distance when stopping, these products are perfect for weighing equipment.
  • Models for a 100 V single-phase power supply have been developed as a series and can be used even in laboratories and research facilities.
  • When the controller for the electromagnetic feeders (type V7S) is used, two-speed control (high or low speed) is enabled, shortening the time when feeding material to weighing equipment.
Model Standard Series Vibration Frequency Controller Model Power Supply
MFS compact type MFS5(6)-6-30 to MFS5(6)-20-60
5 models
50 to 60 Hz MC 100/200V
V7S 200V