In order to contribute to the advancement of society and all mankind through products and services related to vibration, braking, powders, and magnetism, we aim to nurture growth and development together with our employees. Shoji Hashimoto

Since our foundation in 1946, we have been very enthusiastically involved in the development of new products based on vibration technology and magnet technology, and we have established ourselves as a top manufacturer of Uras vibrators and industrial brakes. Since 1987 we have also been manufacturing powder-related equipment that makes use of vibration technology, principally for milling, sorting, feeding, filling, mixing, washing and cooling.

In the year 2000, we established Uras Techno Co., Ltd. under a joint investment with Yaskawa Electronic Corporation to better meet our customers’needs. We continue to build daily on our many years of experience in creating new technology, and never stop honing our existing technology, all to give our customers maximum added value.

We are confident that what will be vital in the 21st century will not be the scale of an enterprise or its volume of production. Rather, we believe that success in this century will depend on the characteristics of an enterprise and the features of the products offered. The rapid changes taking place and the diversification of customer needs occurring recently can appear bewildering. To keep ahead of these changes, we need to not just look at the quality of our products and technology, but also at the quality of our services and human resources. We strive to look at things in depth from the customer’s point of view. Every one of our employees constantly considers how to win the trust of customers and how to surpass their highest expectations.