Environmental activities

Environment Policy

[Basic Concept]
Murakami Seiki Mfg. Co., Ltd. is deeply conscious of its responsibility to protect the environment as it carries on with consistent production activities. The preservation of our planet’s environment is one of our key management themes, and we continuously promote environmental preservation activities.

[Action Plan]
In order to restrict the load on the environment in our business activities, all of our employees are implementing continuous activities with mindful of the following environmental load reduction measures.

• Approach to energy savings
We use electricity, gas and all other forms of energy necessary for our business activities as efficiently as possible, and always seek to reduce our energy consumption. We endeavor to manufacture products while saving energy and resources.
• Control of waste material discharge and promotion of recycling
By reducing the volume of waste materials generated in our business activities, and by sorting and collecting materials, we endeavor to lessen the load on the environment and to recycle.
• Reduction of total waste water volume
We aim to efficiently use all of the domestic water that the employees need for their activities, and all of the commercial water needed for production purposes, and we are reducing the total volume of waste water.
• Observance of environment protection laws
We observe all environment protection laws and regulations applicable at our business locations, and endeavor to preserve the environment.
• Education
To promote our environmental preservation activities, we undertake education linked to the participation and increased awareness of all employees through environmental instruction, training, in-house public information and more.