Murakami Seiki Mfg. Co., Ltd.  Company History

February, 1946 The founder, Mitsukazu Murakami, established the "Kaku Agricultural Machinery Works" at Kuki-machi Yahatanishi-ku, Kitakyushu.
September 1948 Started the manufacture of electrical devices as a subcontract factory for Yaskawa Electric Corporation.
January, 1949 Changed the company name to Murakami Seiki Kousakusho.
December, 1951 Established the limited partnership Murakami Seiki Kousakusho.
(Capital: 150,000 Yen)
June, 1955 Changed the organization to a joint-stock corporation and adopted the current company name.
(Capital: 1,400,000 Yen)
January, 1959 Started the manufacture of Uras Vibrators.
June, 1961 Acquired land in Yahatanishi-ku, Douhoku-machi and started building a new factory.
May, 1962 Completed the new factory and moved there from the Kuki-machi factory.
May, 1971 Constructed the Head Office.
March, 1972 Started exporting Uras Vibrators.
January, 1973 Exceeded 100,000 units in production of Uras Vibrators.
May, 1973 Capital
Increased to 30,618,000 Yen.
October, 1974 Capital
Increased to 40,000,000 Yen.
November, 1978 Hiroshi Murakami appointed as President and Chief Executive Officer.
July, 1987 Extended the factory and started manufacturing powder equipment.
June, 1988 Introduced a comprehensive production management system.
April, 1992 Designated as a model factory for small and medium-sized business rationalization by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.
May, 1992 Extended the factory.
April, 1993 The production of Uras Vibrators exceeded 500,000 units.
September, 1996 Uras Vibrators acquired the CE Marking.
July, 1997 Received ISO9001 certification.
February, 2000 Established Uras Techno Co., Ltd. as a joint capital venture with Yaskawa Electric Corporation.
[Investment ratio]
Murakami Seiki Mfg., Co., Ltd. : 90%,
Yaskawa Electric Corporation : 10%
May, 2001 Shoji Hashimoto appointed President and Chief Executive Officer.
September, 2006 Started the manufacture of electromagnetic multi-conveyors.