Air Conveyors
Air Conveyors
Catalogs and CAD data can be downloaded from the distributor Uras Techno Co., Ltd.
  • The low speed conveying system reduces wear to piping and damage to conveyed materials.
  • Air consumption is economical because of plug flow dense phase conveyance.
  • This system is the result of our proven technology and concepts, providing stable operation.
  • The enclosed construction enables a clean working environment, with no scattering of dust or other material.
Pressurized Tank Capacity 30 to 5000 (ℓ)
Conveying Pipe Diameter 50 to 250 (As)
Conveying Distance
(actual value)
Horizontally 300 (m),
Vertically 54 (m)
Mixing Ratio 50 to 150 (kg-solid/kgAir)
Model PP- (standard)
VPP- (with vibrator)
WPP- (with weighing equipment)
  • High density materials:
    Metal powders, ore powders, etc.
  • Highly abrasive materials:
    Molten silica, casting sand, glass powder
  • Fragile materials:
    Granular carbon, activated carbon, dietary salt, etc.
  • Strongly adhesive materials:
    Coal (10% moisture), gypsum dihydrate