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Motor Lifter Brakes Model: QBOS
Motor Lifter Brakes Model: QBOS
  • Compliant with JEM1240 Standards
    These products conform to JEM1240 "AC-operation brakes for totally-enclosed, fan-cooled, low-voltage, three-phase induction motors for crane use".
  • Low Impact
    These products use the oil damper effect of an electrically powered hydraulic lifting device, making the braking operation smoother than with electromagnetic brakes, and causing less impact.
  • Variable Braking Time Mechanism
    Since a mechanism to adjust the lowering time of the electrically powered hydraulic lifting device is a standard feature, braking torque can be increased gently. This means shaking can be reduced to a minimum during conveying operations with cranes, conveyors, etc.
  • Environmental Measures
    Asbestos-free linings are equipped as a standard feature.
Braking Torque 49 N·m to 5490 N·m
Time Rating Continuous
Actuation Frequency/Utilization Ratio 400 times/h, 60% ED
Rated Voltage Three-phase AC power supply:
200V 50/60Hz, 220V 60Hz
400V 50/60Hz, 440V 60Hz
Allowable Voltage Fluctuation -15% to +10%
Insulation Class Class E
Actuation Time Brake actuation:
0.7 sec to 0.8 sec
Release actuation:
0.4 sec to 0.5 sec
Ambient Temperature -15°C to +40°C
Standard Coating Color Munsell 7.5BG 4/1.5
  • Conveyors
  • Traverse/travel of cranes
  • Backup for crane hoisting