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DC Electromagnetic Brakes Model: QBSS-C
DC Electromagnetic Brakes Model: QBSS-C
  • Compliant with JEM1120 Standards
    These products conform to JEM1120 "DC electromagnetic brakes for DC electric motors of auxiliary rolling equipment and cranes".
  • Wide Range of Applications
    These products demonstrate superior reliability even under punishing conditions of use. In addition to use with auxiliary rolling equipment and cranes, they can be used across a range of industries. They are ideal for stopping and holding large capacity electric motors with frequent use.
  • Lubrication Free
    The pin holes in each part of the brake use oil-less bearings (dry metal), eliminating the need to lubricate the pins with grease, and improving maintainability.
  • Reduced Actuation Shock
    A sealed cover is provided around the electromagnet gap, creating an air damper mechanism that uses the negative pressure around the gap when the brake is actuated. As a result, the actuation shock is reduced, and the impact on the rigidity of devices used in tandem (namely, shafts of motors and machines) is ameliorated.
  • High Reliability
    Even under punishing conditions, such as continuous or highly frequent use (actuation frequency of 600 times/h, utilization ratio of 40%), these products can be used.
  • Environmental Measures
    Asbestos-free linings are equipped as a standard feature.
Braking Torque 98 N·m to 14,700 N·m
Time Rating Continuous
Actuation Frequency/Utilization Ratio 600 times/h, 40% ED
Rated Voltage DC power supply:
110V, 220V
Allowable Voltage Fluctuation -20% to +10%
Winding Method Shunt winding
Insulation Class Class B
Actuation Time Brake actuation:
0.2 sec to 0.4 sec
Release actuation:
0.4 sec to 0.5 sec
Ambient Temperature -10°C to +40°C
Standard Coating Color Munsell 7.5BG 4/1.5
  • Auxiliary rolling equipment
  • Hoisting of large cranes
  • Process lines