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Vibrating Tables
Vibrating Tables
Catalogs and CAD data can be downloaded from the distributor Uras Techno Co., Ltd.
  • Tables use Uras vibrators and either forced or resonance construction, depending on the raw material filling application.
  • In raw material filling, a range of vibration from low acceleration to high acceleration can be applied to the material.
  • Inverter control enables changing of the vibration conditions.
  • The material loaded onto the table can also be held on the table using hydraulic cylinders.
  • For Filling
    Various raw materials, and products for packing in bags
  • For Forming
    Forming of casting sand and secondary concrete products
  • For Vibration Testing Equipment
    For vibration-resistance tests on products, parts, and so on
  • Other
    For vibration alignment, and untangling by vibration